Zack childress-Imminent Real Estate Bubble-Is It Round The Corner?


    Zack Childress-If you had borne the brunt of economic recession resulting out of housing bubble burst, you would be hesitant to take the plunge next time. You might have to incur losses when you make a purchase during a real estate bubble. When you contemplate on purchasing, you need to have a sound knowledge regarding whether there is imminent real estate bubble. The economic … Continue reading

Zack childress-Cons of Single Family Homes

Zack childress-Cons of Single Family Homes

Introduction Zack childress single family homes have privacy, more space and personal freedom. Also the cost of managing single family homes is lesser as compared to multi-family homes. To get a better insight into the advantages of single family homes, read the article on pros of single family homes by Zack Childress, a real estate investor. In this article he shares, some of the cons … Continue reading

Zack Childress Discusses The Distinctive Advantages Of Being A Real Estate Agent


Introduction Real estate agents are vital in any real estate transaction. They have a lot of roles and responsibilities to play in deals. But, what are the benefits of being a real estate agent? Zack Childress, a billion dollar real estate investor discusses this in this article. You have enormous autonomy: As a real estate agent, you have maximum autonomy. You can decide your working … Continue reading

Zack childress-For Real Estate Agents – Social Media Rules

Zack Childress-If one is a real estate agent, and does not know the exact way to make use of the social media, this article comes as an aid.Of course, there is least doubt that Social Media has turned out to be an inevitable tool for all the marketers in the real estate industry.  This includes the real estate also.  Let us skim through some major … Continue reading

Zack Childress Real Estate Giving The Posh Touch To Your Home


zack childress real estate-Do you want to make your home have a fresh appeal? Do you want to make it more elegant without spending a lot? Your budget will not be blown when you implement the following ways: The value of a home is also influenced by its wall color. You would not opt for a home that has wall with colors that are not … Continue reading

Zack Childress Tips To Get A Budget Friendly Home Without Leaving The Locality


Zack childress-Most of you will be born and continue to live in the same place for a long time. You will not wish to relocate from the neighborhood. However, there could be various reasons for moving to a new home. You may want to move in near your child’s school. You probably cannot maintain the new home, space and cost wise. Not just these two, … Continue reading

Zack Childress Reviews|Quality Guidelines For Selling Your Home During The Holidays


Introduction The holiday season is the period from November through January. This is the time for partying and going out on vacations. This season is usually considered as the worst time for selling homes but there is also the other side of the coin. This season offers lesser competition and you can catch hold of some really motivated buyers. If you have decided to sell … Continue reading

Zack Childress Scam-Fishy Rental Scam


Zack childress scam many people yield to Real estate scams that are available in several sites online. In fact, some individuals are carried away by suspicious ads. Certain reports also suggest that people are made to sign a rental agreement. Unfortunately they will come to know only at a later time that the property was the possession of some other person. So the need of … Continue reading

Zack Childress Tips -Characteristic Of Good Real Estate Agent


Zack Childress-Guiding a group of resources towards the final goal or objective is the main duty of a successful real estate agent . Apart from this, there are so many other traits that a successful real estate agent should possess. This piece of article will present you with some of them. A good agent will care about your priorities and goals rather than their commission, … Continue reading

Zack Childress-Downsizing a Home – Part 2


Introduction Zack childress, a real estate mentor and author, gives more tips on downsizing a home. people must read part 1 before they read this. Analyze the real estate market: Before the seller sells his home, he must analyze the market and understand what he can make out of the sale. He must hire a seasoned real estate agent and also discuss with family and … Continue reading