Zack Childress Real Estate Retirement Investment Plans Part-03

By Zack Childress | co-wholesaling

Aug 22

zack childress real estate retirement investment plans part-03

Zack childress real estate presents his final review on retirement investment plans. Index funds are an easy way to invest your money into the real estate market.The investors should consider the historical average annual return which should be 10 percent at least and this is one of the safest ways for retirement investment.

Dividends should be a part of any investor’s long-term retirement strategy. For dividend investors, it provides the benefit for growing dividend stocks and the yield improves every time; the dividend goes up since your actual yield is determined by your cost basis. Cash flow is an important criterion to all the investors; dividends can provide a steady flow of revenue. You can buy individual stocks that pay dividends or mutual funds, or purchase exchange-traded funds that invest in dividend-paying stocks.

Buying and holding is a favorite investing technique. Holding stocks for a longer period of time ensures that selling is done in a steady manner. By avoiding frequent trading, you are free from brokerage fees and commissions. Investing on a dividend-oriented mutual fund or exchange-traded fund, instead of individual stocks will help in portfolio diversification.

An IRA invested in real estate has more potential for accumulating wealth and retirement savings through compound interest than other conventional investment strategies. This is even more pronounced with a stable investment like real estate.

The other retirement investment plans are private mortgages, property rights, etc. An investor with profound knowledge will utilize these plans for their retirement saving strategy.

Why retirement Plans are Preferred?

  • Lower property taxes on most real-estate investment properties
  • The dream home can be purchased through buying the property and renting initially and you can reside in the same home in your retirement period.
  • The IRA account holders is said to have proficient knowledge in real estate and are benefited the  most from this strategy, as they know the market better , but that doesn’t mean non-real estate professionals can’t find just as much success in their retirement.
  • Real estate started emerging successfully because comparatively it is easier to make financial decisions. These investments were considered to be smarter than other strategies.

However, the most important factor is to keep an eye on scam, they mostly occur in case you are a new investor and planning to use bonds or stocks strategies. Once you are confident of the strategy and saved money, start scouting for the location where you are going to buy your retirement home. There are different types of property, exclusively for retirees, you can check out the articles in REI quick cash system.Keep in mind that the home should suit your lifestyle in your retirement period.

Large homes are tough to maintain. These homes can be used by your heirs in the future, so this is considered to be a valuable asset. You can start earning money through co-wholesaling by joining automated wholesaling system, started by Zack Childress.You can explore more about retirement investment plans in REI quick cash system.

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