Zack Childress Real Estate Guidelines on Home Trends

By Zack Childress | REI Success Academy

Jul 18


Zack childress real estate spring is the time of the year where you renovate your cherished space.Zack Childress real estate reviews suggest ideas about the new home trends to the investors look out for.

  • Gone are the days when silver, gold and copper dominated the décor. The new glam and glittering metallic finished color is emerging to add beauty to your living room.
  • You can also renovate the old designed furniture or wall colors with new modern colors, textures and materials.
  • Fluffy furniture is the coolest way to décor your home. Fluffy stools are available in the market, so introduce them to your living or dining room to give a stylish look. Terra cotta wall arts or flower vases add beauty to the living or dining room.
  • Desert influence is emerging.Cactus or some desert plants in gold and white vases give a chic cook.
  • Bright and vibrant wallpapers in your living room enhance the elegance.
  • Crafted wooden furniture in neutral colors always stay classic, your kitchen and bedrooms can be adorned with wooden work.
  • Hand-made décor elements like pottery, knitted blankets embrace the urban as well as classic look.
  • Rich jewel stones in dark shades can give a fabulous look even to blank space.
  • Mirrored furniture can deepen the reflecting effect in your master bedroom.
  • Cork boards spice up the entire room. Putting a welcome mat with quirky wordings or even just a traditional mat is must.
  • To give a personalized feel, add framed family photographs in your living room. These bring smile whenever you enter the house.
  • Nightstands should be cleaned often, organize the essentials in trays and jars. Faux silver colored candles in dining room adds charm.
  • Linen closets are simple and suave.
  • To give a facelift to your kitchen, clear the counter tops, add some goods in the pantry or cabinet. Fresh flowers in the vase add graceful look and fragrance to the entire room.
  • Basket of pine cones gives a cozy touch to your home in the winter.
  • Bookstands must be neatly organized. No pile up of half read books or newspapers is recommended. Neon colors are translucent and one of the new ways to re-organize it.
  • Buy solid sofa sets to give a comforting look to your living room and make this as a lifetime investment.
  • An all purpose table should be sturdy in the kitchen.
  • Experts suggest that living room should be in warm pastel shades while kitchen and bedroom can be in dark hues.
  • Monochromatic look can be achieved with few complementary colors in the kitchen designed with wood countertops and white accessories. Opting marble in white or black shade is considered to be a perfect choice.
  • To add color and texture, velvet can be used which is another icon of fashion style statement. E.g. velvet curtains and pillows.
  • Raspberry pink, deep read are few romantic shades that can make bedroom look beautiful.

While you are doing these home decors, make sure you hire reliable interior designers, because there are many scams going around. To prevent yourself from scam,visit Zack Childress REI quick cash system has more information on how to décor your home.Zack Childress automated wholesale system allows the new investors to co-wholesale without using money or credit.


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