Zack Childress -How to Avoid Accidental Social Media Disasters

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Do you have an active social media life? If the answer is a `Yes´ you need to be reading this post. Post the `Weinergate´ incident, when an accidental tweet with an obscene photo that should have been made via direct message to an on-line girlfriend went public on Rep. Weiner´s timeline forcing his resignation, it is time to list out … Continue reading

Zack Childress Huntsville Market Continues to Grow

Zack has released numbers of the top searched markets in AL and Huntsville along with other cities are making their way up the list. Huntsville ranked No. 143 among the most-searched real estate markets during May. Along with them were Metro Birmingham ranked at No. 105 and Mobile ranked at No. 108. While some big areas of AL such as Birmingham and Mobile are … Continue reading

Zack Childress Tackling Distress with More Flimflam Policy

Zack childress-  While the housing market is continues to weigh on the broader economy, the Obama administration is contemplating its next move in its ongoing attempt to mitigate the economic pain and suffering so duly deserved by the generation of speculative “homeowners” who got caught holding the bag at the top of the market. Given the sheer enormity of the financial abyss dug by the … Continue reading

Zack Childress Tip of the Week….What to Avoid in Real Estate Investing

Zack childress-I hope you have been getting alot out of these email I have been sending you. I know they are short, but I write when I have good idea and think about something I just went through. Keep your eyes open for more great tips from me. . . . For beginners, real estate investing is never a walk in the park. It has … Continue reading

Zack Childress 5 New Rules of Real Estate

by Ilyce Glink Friday, June 10, 2011 Image via Wikipedia provided by In the 20-odd years that I have been writing about real estate, I don´t believe there has ever been a better time to buy a home. Why? For starters, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages can be had for less than 5 percent. Recently, the 30-year rate hit 4.6 percent. If you want a 15-year mortgage, … Continue reading

Zack Childress President Plans to Help The Housing SLUMP

Written by NICK TIMIRAOS for Wall Street Journal Image by nasa hq photo via Flickr The Obama administration is ramping up talks on how to revive the housing market, which is weighing on the economic recovery-and possibly the president´s re-election in 2012. Last year, advisers considered several housing-policy prescriptions but rejected them in favor of letting the market sort things out. Since then, weak demand … Continue reading

Zack Childress 10 Reasons Why to Have a Mentor

Zack childress-Many people remain on the fence about hooking up with a mentor or coach in their lives and their business We have done some digging and found 10 great reasons why you should have a mentor. 1. The structure provides automatic accountability We have found that our students often prepare for their meetings. They attack the assignments and have everything ready so that they … Continue reading

Zack Childress- CEO of Huntsville’s Association of Realtors Answers 10 Prime Questions About Real Estate in Huntsville & Madison Alabama

CEO OF HUNTSVILLE´S ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS ANSWERS 10 PRIME QUESTIONS ABOUT REAL ESTATE IN HUNTSVILLE & MADISON ALABAMA Found this inside the Huntsville Times Newspaper. Check out what this guy has to say about the development in Huntsville Madison. HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – When Oscar Gonzales was named the CEO of the Huntsville Area Association of Realtors in 2008, he called Huntsville a “diamond in the … Continue reading

Zack Childress’ Prospective Huntsville Opportunities

Zack childress-Being, one of Huntsville´s largest employment corporations, has issued a press release about having to send out layoff notices to employees in the missile defense program. Read the entire article here: What does this mean for you as an investor? We will show you! Job loss could mean foreclosures, REOs/lender owned properties, and auctions. It is a harsh reality, but take a look at … Continue reading

Zack Childress Real Estate investing Tips

Zack childress-“Well, real estate is always good, as far as I´m concerned. “-Donald Trump Keeping with what Mr. Trump stated, real estate investing is one the pillars of wealth creation in the world today. The last time I looked at the Forbes list of 400 richest Americans, I could still count over 31 Real estate tycoons listed as billionaires. In the same vein, you have … Continue reading