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Oct 21

Zack childress the concept of real estate wholesaling is misunderstood by many, let’s get it clarified here. Anyone who wants to build an income with little capital or credit considers wholesaling real estate has their option; however, it is no easy thing as well. Requiring consistent market knowledge and perseverance, the details involved in it are countless and it does not require a real estate license as such. An authorization is not requisite to purchase or advertise any property that you have an equitable interest in; that interest can be a contractual interest (you have the property under contract) or you, in fact, have possession of or have title to that particular property.

Finding great real estate deals:

  • writing an indenture to get hold of the deal, and then selling the indenture to another buyer are some of the processes involved in wholesaling. Usually, a wholesaler never, in fact, have possession of the piece of property they are advertising for; as an alternative, a wholesaler mainly stumbles on the great deals by means of an array of marketing strategies and puts them in agreement, and sells the same to another for an assignment fee. This charge is typically between a few hundred to thousand dollars or more depending on the deal. To sum up, the wholesaler acts as an intermediate and he is compensated for finding deals.


  • In general, wholesalers try to sell their contracts to retail buyers, however, there are other sets of wholesalers who sell it to other investors like flippers and they are called as cash buyers. When the wholesalers get to handle these types of cash buyers, they are paid on a weekly basis and sometimes daily basis; however, it will help them build a solid connection in the real estate community. Having said all that, people who wanted to invest, choose to commence with wholesaling mainly because of the reputation and this process being an easy strategy it also has the advantage low start-up costs at the beginning. For the reason that the property is never actually possessed by the wholesaler, added expenses like rehab costs, loan fees, contractors, tenants, banks, or other complications does not come into play.


  • On the whole, wholesaling is the most popular strategy that exists in the real estate industry.  Even though it is not that easy to become a successful wholesaler, when handled with great attention, any investor could make it. A well-designed marketing channel, apart from attracting the leads, can also help in making the best deal. However, it is vital to seek out the best deals continually such that the inventory could be sold to others. On the other hand, seeking buyers for the deals you acquire is yet another important thing that should be done side by side.


Zack Childress real estate wholesaling tips are yet another blessing to anyone who wants to make a strong footprint. Get more about the reviews and you will have an in-depth idea of the concept and other strategies to follow.

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Zack Childress is a 10 year real estate investing veteran. He invests in 7 different markets simultaneously and doesn’t need to travel all the time to these 7 markets because he invests virtually. He’s coined a system where he doesn’t put any cash or credit down for his deals and he can buy and sell the property in just 7 days. You can get more details about this no money down strategy here.

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