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Zack Childress Real Estate Tricks for First-Time Investors for Buying a Home

Zack childress real estate to embark your real estate journey on a great note, these are some tips for first-time investor for buying a home. The financial freedom is utmost important for every investor, Zack Childress advises his investors on how to purchase a property. How to Learn Basic Real Estate Tricks? To do real estate investing is not a cakewalk, it takes lot of … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Real Estate Retirement Investment Plans Part-03

Zack childress real estate presents his final review on retirement investment plans. Index funds are an easy way to invest your money into the real estate market.The investors should consider the historical average annual return which should be 10 percent at least and this is one of the safest ways for retirement investment. Dividends should be a part of any investor’s long-term retirement strategy. For … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Types of Real Estate Scam and Prevention Methods Part-01

Zack childress,the real estate scams happens on a frequent basis. So for new investors, Zack Childress presents his ideas in this article which will be an eye-opener, you will get to know about different types of real estate scam  and how to prevent it. Automated wholesaling system is used for co-wholesaling purpose and recommended for new investors to do scam-free real estate investment. Title fraud … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Tips-How to purchase a non-performing asset?

Zack childress tips foreclosed properties are considered to be non-performing assets as they are sold under-market price; there are different ways to purchase these assets and Zack Childress educates the investors in detail about these distressed homes. These non-performing assets can be purchased through any one of the 4 ways   Pre-foreclosure     This is a phase where the owner still holds the property … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Tips-How to Become an Affluent Real Estate Investor?

Zack childress tips,there is a myth that real estate investors and entrepreneurs are millionaires. Many new investors would wonder what would be the secret to build wealth. So in this piece of writing, Zack Childress provides tips to his investors on how to become affluent. Joint Ventures Build Your Network Benefits Make Your Name Powerful versatility Retirement Popularity Real Estate Deals Rent and Not Buy … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Real Estate Ideas on Attracting Buyers Through Real Estate Photography

Zack childress real estate the photographs play a pivotal role in selling the house. These photographs are used in house selling listing in MLS, virtual touring, open house advertisements etc. A picture is worth a thousand words is applicable for real estate photography. Turn on the lights, click pictures and sell your home quickly.Zack Childress reviews on how to take photographs of the real estate … Continue reading

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