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About Zack Childress

Zack Childress is a 10 year real estate investing veteran. He invests in 7 different markets simultaneously and doesn’t need to travel all the time to these 7 markets because he invests virtually. He’s coined a system where he doesn’t put any cash or credit down for his deals and he can buy and sell the property in just 7 days. You can get more details about this no money down strategy here.

Zack Childress Tips-How to purchase a non-performing asset?

Zack childress tips foreclosed properties are considered to be non-performing assets as they are sold under-market price; there are different ways to purchase these assets and Zack Childress educates the investors in detail about these distressed homes. These non-performing assets can be purchased through any one of the 4 ways   Pre-foreclosure     This is a phase where the owner still holds the property … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Tips-How to Become an Affluent Real Estate Investor?

Zack childress tips,there is a myth that real estate investors and entrepreneurs are millionaires. Many new investors would wonder what would be the secret to build wealth. So in this piece of writing, Zack Childress provides tips to his investors on how to become affluent. Joint Ventures Build Your Network Benefits Make Your Name Powerful versatility Retirement Popularity Real Estate Deals Rent and Not Buy … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Real Estate Ideas on Attracting Buyers Through Real Estate Photography

Zack childress real estate the photographs play a pivotal role in selling the house. These photographs are used in house selling listing in MLS, virtual touring, open house advertisements etc. A picture is worth a thousand words is applicable for real estate photography. Turn on the lights, click pictures and sell your home quickly.Zack Childress reviews on how to take photographs of the real estate … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Real Estate Views on BURL (Buy Utility Rent Luxury)

Zack childress real estate an investor should get benefited by tax benefits; paying exorbitant property tax is not wise. A property is considered to be luxurious when the amount exceeds the basic housing cost. Zack Childress real estate reviews states about luxury living Buying or renting luxury can be 2 ways, Buying refers to your end –use in long term, all the properties is entitled … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Real Estate Prospects of Becoming a Landlord

Zack childress real estate it is not easy to become a landlord and make money overnight. There are some qualities to become a landlord and also some strategies to make money. Zack Childress real estate reviews describe the challenges of becoming a landlord Affluent You should be financially sound and own a property for yourself. Find the right property at the right location To find … Continue reading

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Zack Childress Real Estate Benefits and Drawbacks of House Flipping

Zack childress real estate House-flipping has become very common in real estate market, as investors feel it is an easy way to earn money. It has both advantages and disadvantages let’s discuss more about it. The investors buy the home usually at an auction and resell them with huge profit. How to do house flipping? Zack Childress real estate reviews talks about do’s and don’ts … Continue reading

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